Heading North

Sometime this evening, we will be boarding the Celebrity Infinity for our cruise to Alaska!

Cruise Route

Cruise Route

Our cruise will take us to Ketchikan, Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, through the Inside Passage, and to Victoria BC.   In Ketchikan we will be going on a 3 1/2 hour rainforest canopy adventure, with 8 ziplines!

The Hubbard Glacier day should be fun.   How close we get to the glacier really depends on conditions.  Also on this day, we have reservations for the SS United States Restaurant.  The SS United States is one of Celebrity’s “specialty restaurants” that advertise a higher level of service and a special menu (samples on the above link).  Our experience with the specialty restaurant on the Disney Wonder was positive, so we are looking forward to this one as well.

In Juneau, we are going to visit a training camp for sled dogs, where we get to ride on a dog sled! and meet the puppies (awww…. puppies).

For the day in Victoria, we are planning on just enjoying the ship while a good portion of the passengers are ashore.  We have been to Victoria twice already, and will likely get there again in the future since it is so close to Seattle.

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Packing For Alaska

Packing for Alaska is quite difficult. We need such a variety of things. For instance:

  • Nice suit for formal nights
  • Casual suit for “smart casual” nights
    • I got a GREAT DEAL on this suit (got both for $179, normally jacket is $250 and pants are $130)
  • Another pair of pants for “smart casual” nights, because I don’t want to wear the previous suit 4 times
  • Different clothes for during the day (because I’m not a get dressed up all day kind of person)
  • Outdoor suitable gear for our excursions (ziplining in the rainforest and visiting sled dogs, riding on a sled)
  • And I can’t forget swimsuits, as our cruise ship has an indoor salt water pool

Basically – I’m packing more clothes for a 7 nite cruise than I did for our 10 and 15 day trips to Europe.   Oh well, that is cruising I guess.  At lease we don’t have to fly anywhere.   Pier 66 in Seattle is about 5 miles due south of our house, and a short bus ride to get there.    The new pier (91 – Celebrity doesn’t leave from there) is actually visible from our street.  Not our house, but if you go down the street 200 yards, you can see 2 ships docked there a few times a week.   Quite an unusual site.

So anyways, soon we will be on the Celebrity Infinity headed to Alaska!

For both before and during (and after I guess) – you can track our progress on this Web page:  http://www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/shipposition.phtml?call=9HJD9

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