Matilda vs. The Paciffic Ocean

Monday we drove the entire Olympic Peninsula loop. We loaded up the dogs for the trip. The dogs did not like the first part of the trip and really really really wanted to play with the bomb sniffing dog at the ferry terminal. After that they settled in and were pretty good.

Our real destination was Ruby beach, out on the Pacific Ocean side of the state. We went up to Edmunds, across the ferry to Kingston, and then drove highway 101 through Port Angeles, Forks (of Twilight fame), and over to Ruby Beach. After that, down south around the mountains, through Olympia. The rest of the trip was highway, up I-5. We made a special stop of UPS (to pick up Cortny’s new iPhone) and then home. Fun trip.

And… (if you click continue reading) here is a video of Matilda meeting the ocean for the first time. Ruby had been to the Atlantic ocean, so she wasn’t quite as funny this time.

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Mmmmm, Fresh!

Amazon Fresh ( ) has been around Seattle for over a year, but the recently expanded service to Ballard.

Last Sunday we decided to give it a try.   We ordered our regular groceries for 1 to 2 weeks (a good amount of stuff).  This included frozen meats, fresh produce, canned, and dry goods.   Everything was top quality – the produce and meats were great.

The most impressive part of this service:  We placed our order around 9pm on Sunday night, and out groceries were on the front porch before 6am.  I brought everything in when I let the dogs out and then put the totes back on the porch.  When I got home from work at 5:15, the totes were already picked back up.   And this awesome delivery service is free when you spend more than $70 (for our zip code, some zip codes are $30).

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Shopping Shopping Shopping

We had our home inspection yesterday, and everything was as expected on a new home.   The garbage disposal needs to be replaced, and there is some insulation missing in the ceiling of the master bedroom, but the builder is going to fix both of these shortly.   The good news is that we are able to move our closing date up to January 18th, so we will be in the house sooner than expected.  

This morning we took the dogs to the Golden Gardens dog park.   This park is pretty close to our new house.   The dog park is on a hill overlooking Puget Sound, and there is a beach and a marina.   This seems like the place to go boating.

Ruby and Matilda ad Golden Gardens Dog Park

Ruby and Matilda at Golden Gardens Dog Park

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