The last four months have been pretty amazing. We’ve gone from this:

Elliott At 1 day old Elliott At 4 months old

Our first son, Elliott is now 4 months old. The initial draft of this blog post is just under 4 months old.

Luck for me, Elliott’s mom has been keeping track of things on her blog. And you can read all about his arrival too. His arrival via c-section was a strange combination of awesome and terrifying. We walked into the surgery room together, as two, and rolled out together as 3. The baby is actually born fairly early in the procedure. He came out, and quickly let out his first cry. One of the nurses brought him over to a table where he was cleaned up, I “cut the cord” which is more symbolic in this instance as it as already been cut pretty close by the doctor. After a quick weigh in and a height measurement, he was placed into my arms. I spent the next 30 minutes holding him close to Cortny and just soaking in those first few moments.

Things have gone by so fast since then. He has gained 10 pounds and grown about 6 inches in height. We’ve been really lucky, he is a really easy going baby. He’s generally slept through the night since he was about two months old. He’s flown round trip across the country twice and met the extended family. Every day is a new adventure.

So far being a dad is pretty amazing. We’ve reached that stage where Elliott is becoming more interactive, and starting to play with toys. It’s all fun šŸ™‚