Mmmmm, Fresh!

Amazon Fresh ( ) has been around Seattle for over a year, but the recently expanded service to Ballard.

Last Sunday we decided to give it a try.   We ordered our regular groceries for 1 to 2 weeks (a good amount of stuff).  This included frozen meats, fresh produce, canned, and dry goods.   Everything was top quality – the produce and meats were great.

The most impressive part of this service:  We placed our order around 9pm on Sunday night, and out groceries were on the front porch before 6am.  I brought everything in when I let the dogs out and then put the totes back on the porch.  When I got home from work at 5:15, the totes were already picked back up.   And this awesome delivery service is free when you spend more than $70 (for our zip code, some zip codes are $30).

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