Ikea is FUN! / House updates


Ikea is a huge store.   Seriously, they have everything.    I had no idea that they make appliances, or that you can purchase an ENTIRE kitchen: cabinets, sink, fridge, dishwasher, oven, table, etc…

We purchased some pieces from the build-it-yourself STOLMEN storage system.   Our new house has a decent sized closet, but did not have adequate built-in shelving.   As you can see from the cart, we are taking care of that.    Since our bedroom (and rooms in general) are on the small side, maximizing the utility of closets will reduce clutter other places.

On the house front, we are scheduled to take possession of the new houseon Thursday the 24th at 9pm – PST of course ;).  We have a very busy week scheduled.   Next Friday we have the movers coming, crate and barrel delivering furniture, and circuit city delivering a new TV.  Saturday we’ve got Comcast coming out (to make the TV useful) and select comfort is delivering our bed.   At some other point to be scheduled, Pottery Barn is delivering our bedroom furniture (yes we’re getting the mattress first…oh well).

This whole house thing is very exciting.   I never pictured myself in a townhouse with a view of downtown Seattle and Mt. Rainier, but it feels like the right place.   I actually didn’t think I would live in a major city, realy live in the city and not out in the burbs, but that also feel right.   Maybe I’m getting hipper in my old age, or maybe just a little wiser.

Our new house is in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle (on the north side of the city), and is just a really cool place.  I would say it is best described as eclectic.   There are people from several generations living side-by-side, plenty of families, and plenty of young people.   We should be able to walk most places, and really do the urban lifestyle thing for a while.   ok, that’s enough for now.


Cortny with our new closet from Ikea

Cortny with our new closet from Ikea