Haircut, Dinner, and OnCall

Exciting weekend coming up… I’m on-call support this weekend (was last weekend too).   2 weeks at a time, 4 times a year.  It isn’t too bad, but it is disruptive.   I always have to be somewher in cell phone contact, and have to lug my laptop everywhere I go.

So – tonight I have my every 4 to 5 weeks haircut.   I’ve need to update the frequency as I get really bad helmet head if I let it grow out too much.

The more exciting thing… we are planning on trying one of the new Ballard restaurants tonight, Bastille Cafe & Bar.  The pictures all look like they have done an amazing job with the interior, and the menu looks yummy.

We’ll let you know how it is… unless of course we can’t get in tonight because it is too busy.  We shall see.

That sums up the exciting plans for the weekend…

Next weekend, however, will be very exciting.  A sounders game and an inversions workshop!

Catching Up

I’ve sort of disappeared for a few weeks. “I’m just super busy right now.” We’ve been going through he design phase for a major project at work, and that design phase if wrapping up.
Last weekend we went to ACT (the local regional theatre to which we have subscribed). This was our first time seeing a play since we moved to Seattle (we did see Spring Awakening here last year). The theatre itself is really cool – a very nice renovation job.
I’ve been doing plenty of scootering – just crossed 400 miles today. It is getting more fun as the weather gets warmer. This Sunday I am going to get back out on the water. I am taking a short class to learn about the new boats that our sailing club has (2 Martin 244s) — it is supposed to be 70 degrees on Sunday, so that will be awesome.
Speaking of water – our cruise to Alaska is also getting closer. We have already completed online checkin (way in advance, I know) and have everything squared away. The prices have dropped quite a bit since we booked – anyone want to join us?
And if you didn’t see it – the next Harry Potter trailer is out now.